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Stellar Blade Will Not Have ‘Additional Expenses’ But There’s a Catch

Stellar Blade director Hyung-Tae Kim says the game won’t have any ‘additional expenses’ that players aren’t aware of, revealing that it won’t feature microtransactions or smaller paid DLC. New costumes will also be added to the game in free updates. However, there’s a catch: if the costume is part of a crossover event, then developer Shift Up may charge a fee for it.

Speaking to Ruliweb in a recent interview (translation by Genki), Hyung-Tae Kim says that the team at Shift Up is still undecided about doing large-scale DLC for Stellar Blade, though free costumes and a New Game+ are part of the plan. That said, you’ll likely need to pay for additional costumes that come as part of a collaboration or crossover event, which is fair enough.

Hyung-Tae Kim stated:

“We want to make it clear at this point that Stellar Blade will not require any additional expenses that gamers are not aware of beyond what they paid for the package. The only exception is if we create collaboration costumes with another company’s IP, those may be sold for a fee. Also, there is no New Game+ in the launch version, so please look forward to it being updated very soon.”

In related news, recent job listings at Shift Up revealed that the developer is already working on a new cross-platform next-gen game – terrific news for other platforms left out of Stellar Blade due to PS5 exclusivity. The studio also urged players to play Stellar Blade in Game Mode (with TVs that can support the feature) in order to counter any potential input lag.

Stellar Blade launches on 26 April 2024 exclusively for PS5. Make sure you check out the South African pre-order guide as well as the various editions that you can pre-purchase right now.

Source: Ruliweb

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