Stolen iPhone Instructs Thief to Return Device Back to Apple Store

2021 iPhone stolen
Stolen iPhone Instructs Thief to Return Device Back to Apple Store

Apple fell victim to a handful of store looters this past weekend. Along with the US protests surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter, some people took advantage of the chaos and broke in and looted an Apple Store in Philadelphia. The Apple Store in Walnut Street was broken into and a handful of iPhone devices were stolen in the process. Luckily for the multi-billion dollar company, they know exactly who stole them.

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Apple seems to have implemented a new safety measure for stolen iPhones whereas they instruct the user to return the device back to the store it was stolen from. Apple seemingly locks the stolen device and puts a warning up on the display. This is done through a proximity sensor that automatically bricks the device if stolen from the store.

The message demands the user return the stolen devices back to the store it was taken from. It also informs the user that the iPhone is being tracked and the authorities have been alerted.

We doubt users will actually go back and return the stolen devices. However, a message like that would freak people out should they come into contact with a stolen phone. It is the first time we have seen this safety measure being put in place by the company. I am sure there are ways to get around the stolen iPhone lock including software restores and hardware tweaks. However, for the average Joe, this may be impossible.

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