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Stranger of Paradise Among Lowest Final Fantasy Spinoff Sales In Japan

Stranger of Paradise, the recently released Final Fantasy spin-off, has sold fewer than 50 000 units in its first week of sales, placing it amongst the lowest selling Final Fantasy spin-off titles in its home nation of Japan.

Stranger of Paradise has taken the 4th spot for lowest units sold for a Final Fantasy spin-off in Japan, with Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon (Wii), Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (Wii), and Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales (DS) taking the three spots above Stranger of Paradise.

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Twitter account Game Data Library, which tracks Japanese sales data, posted the figures, noting that this only covers retail sales in Japan, and not digital, or worldwide sales figures for Stranger of Paradise. In Japan, and at the retail level, the game has sold a little over 46 000 copies on PS4 and PS5 combined, however, we do not know the exact figures for worldwide, and digital, sales as yet. 

Stranger of Paradise has received mixed responses from critics and fans alike, although review scores still reflect pretty positively. Though, the PC port has not been faring too well, as users have reported a host of problems, with a particularly annoying issue – extreme performance slow down during combat. 

One user over on the Stranger of Paradise subreddit stated that the “PC port is horrendous”, and despite their beefy system (RTX 3080 and Intel Core i5 12600K), their frame rate is jumping from a “full 120fps straight down to low 40’s and 50’s”, as well as the fact that the actual “gameplay speed slows down so it likes like you are playing in slow motion”. 

“RTX 3080, and 12600K, and the game is ugly as hell with awful render distance, tons of pop-in, jagged visuals, aliasing everywhere, and really blurry and washed out image. 

In basic one-on-one fights the game goes from full 120 fps straight down to low 40’s and 50’s, and not only does the fps drop but the action gameplay speed slows down with it so it looks like you’re playing in slow motion.

Strongly recommend not purchasing until there’s some fixes, I’ve never seen such a bad port.

Anyone else having issues?”

Hopefully, Square Enix will be able to make fixes to the PC port soon, which is currently still an Epic Store exclusive.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle


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