Netflix Reveals Record-Breaking Amount of People Watched Stranger Things 3

Netflix has announced that after four days of Stranger Things 3 being on the streaming platforms is has been watched by a record-breaking amount of people.

According to the streaming provider, Stranger Things 3 has been watched by 40.7 million “household accounts” with 18.2 million of them have already completed watching the entire new season.

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Netflix claims the show’s debut on 4 July 2019 marked the beginning of a record-breaking streak as Stranger Things 3 has become the highest number of views ever on the service. More than any other film or TV show released on Netflix.

Netflix uses the word “household accounts” which is unclear if this is one account with multiple people watching under it. If that is the case, these numbers would be even higher as these household accounts usually have multiple users of which, everyone could be watching or already completed Stranger Things 3.

It was revealed Stranger Things 2 saw around 15.8 million viewers back in 2017 so this number has seen massive growth. This not only shows Netflix’s rapid growth around the world but also how the show’s popularity has evolved over the years.

While the success of the show has been great, it makes us wonder how Netflix is measuring these stats. The streaming provider has come under fire in the past few months by FX Ceo John Landgraf stating Netflix’s viewing successes are a “myth”.

Netflix measures its stats the same way Facebook does by counting the amount of times content was started. This means the numbers could possibly be off. Regardless, we know Stranger Things 3 was a success, even if it was not a 40-million-person success.

Have you finished Stranger Things 3? Check what else is coming to the streaming service this July here.

Geek | Netflix Reveals Record-Breaking Amount of People Watched Stranger Things 3
Geek | Netflix Reveals Record-Breaking Amount of People Watched Stranger Things 3






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