Stranger Things Portals Appearing in Fortnite
Stranger Things Fortnite
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It seems there could be a Stranger Things and Fortnite crossover taking place soon as portals have started appearing in-game.

The portals to The Upside Down were spotted in Fortnite’s Mega Mall area. In Stranger Things, these portals teleport people to The Upside Down but in Fortnite, it seems they spit players out somewhere around the area instead of taking them to a new dimension. The mall is also fitting given the show’s emphasis on the setting in season 3.

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As of now, it seems the Stranger Things Fortnite event it limited to this handful of portals and nothing else but more might happen in the coming days. Fortnite loves evolving into its themed and timed events and this may just be the start of something bigger.

Rolling out a bigger event would make sense for the Stranger Things show too as much of the setting is themed around events which see sinister happenings grow bigger and bigger throughout the episodes.

Of course, the big highlight here is the start of Stranger Things 3 which goes live on Netflix today. You will be able to enjoy one of the most anticipated shows of the year and maybe take time off work today to binge watch it and avoid spoilers online.

As for Fortnite, we can only sit back and wait for something to evolve in-game. Who knows what Epic Games is planning and whether or not the portals are the only Stranger Things-themed event taking place. For now, jump in a portal and let it spit you out.

Make sure you check out the latest Stranger Things 3 trailer here and if you want to know what you can watch this July on Netflix, we have a full guide to everything coming to the streaming service this month.






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