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Stranger Things Season 5 is ‘Basically Eight Movies’ Says Maya Hawke

Stranger Things star Maya Hawke, who plays Robin Buckley on the hit Netflix series, says season 5 is ‘basically eight movies’ when discussing the episodes and all the work that’s going into them. Season 4 of the show already pushed the envelope for what could be considered lengthy, feature-length movies as episodes but it sounds like the fifth and final season is taking things up a notch or two.

Speaking on the Podcrushed podcast recently, Maya Hawke revealed that Stranger Things season 5 will have episodes as long as movies. “We’re making, basically, eight movies,” she explained. “The episodes are very long.”

Hawke didn’t elaborate much on that point but it sounds like Stranger Things is going out with a bang. However, the actress also talked about the show’s production being delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how that slowed down the rollout of both the fourth and fifth seasons. Against the odds, Hawke said that showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer put a lot of time and attention into the writing of the show which explains why the seasons took so long.

“They have an amazing team of writers, but they’re very involved. They write a lot and they are very intense and serious about the quality of the continued writing, and so it takes a long time to write each season, and a long time to shoot them.”

Stranger Things is set to conclude with the fifth season in 2025. Details aren’t known about what might happen in the next season so we’ll have to wait for the first trailer. Judging by how things left off in the cliffhanger ending of season 4, things aren’t looking good for Hawkins.

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Source: Podcrushed Podcast

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