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Stray Has Now Gone Multiplayer With This PC Mod

The recent release of one of the greatest titles, Stray, has sent the internet into a frenzy over the adorable cat-centric story. Stray is pretty much pinnacle at this point but there is one way that it could be significantly enhanced and that is if we were able to run around with our friends.

Well, thanks to a new PC mod, you can now run around with your cat-pack through the streets of the Dead City. While the mod is limited to local co-op, there is still something incredibly meow-tiful about palling around the streets of Stray with your best bud.

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The PC mod comes from modder KangieDanie who has stipulated that the mod is currently in incredibly early development so if you do decide to try the mod out, you will encounter some bugs. In saying this, the process of initiating the meow-tiplayer mode is as simple as pressing F9 but once you have someone in co-op, there is no way to remove them as yet, without closing the game.

KangieDanie has also noted that while there is no strict limit to the player count, they have no idea how the game will react to the inclusion of more than one extra player, since it was not designed to accommodate multiplayer in general.

Some other bugs that players might encounter include visual bugs, players being suspended in level transition, as well as the HUD only being available to one player. One known glitch that prevents controllers from being detected in-game is also currently being investigated by KangieDanie.

KangieDanie was also asked by user JADabandon if there were plans to make this mod available for online play as well, and responded that while they themselves are not looking to take their work online, they are aware of someone currently working on an online multiplayer mod for Stray.

Stray was not only publisher Annapurna’s biggest release on Steam ever but it is currently the highest user-rated game on Steam in 2022. Also, you can fetch yourself a limited edition Stray backpack and harness to either walk your cat or carry them around with you on your adventures.

Source: KangieDanie

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