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Stray is Annapurna’s Biggest PC Launch Title to Date

The feline-frolicking adventure title Stray officially launched on PC and PS5 yesterday and it has since become publisher Annapurna’s biggest launch title on PC to date. The title launched on Valve’s platform, Steam, and according to the Steam figures, the title’s peak concurrent player count was sitting at 62,963 players.

Stray has managed to put itself in the same spaces as some of Steam’s most popular titles including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto V, and Apex Legends. What makes this even more impressive is that many of the titles that outnumber Stray are free-to-play.

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Independent market analyst, Benji-Sales, has stated that Stray has comfortably become Annapurna’s top title to launch on PC, and has beaten the previous record for concurrent players on Steam. The title that previously held the record was Twelve Minutes which amassed a peak concurrent player count of 8,021. Other titles included Outer Wilds which gained 7,936 and Neon White which had 3,277.

Stray is a cat-themed indie title developed by Blue Twelve, a small French studio, which sees you play the role of a stray cat in a technological world. You are “lost, alone and separated from family” and “must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity and find their way home”. Stray become such an immediate hit that out of over 7,000 reviews on Steam, over 97% of those reviews for the game are positive.

If you wanted to take your cat for real-life adventures, you can even pick up a Stray branded cat backpack or harness for you to venture into the world with your furry friend. If you haven’t already purrrr-chased it, you can pick Stray up on the PlayStation Plus Extra tier.

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Source: Steam Stats

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