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Stray Rated by ESRB for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

It seems like the PlayStation exclusivity for Stray, the 2022 indie adventure game from developer BlueTwelve Studio, is coming to an end as the game has been rated by the ESRB for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The ESRB rating page has since been taken down, probably due to it being uploaded earlier than scheduled, but several outlets already managed to report on the findings.

Stray originally released on PS4, PS5 and PC in July last year to critical acclaim. It would go on to be nominated for Best Debut Indie Game, Best Indie Game, Best Art Direction, Best Action/Adventure and Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2022, winning Best Indie and Best Debut Indie Game.

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While Stray was previously limited to PlayStation and PC players, it seems like it’s finally heading to Xbox consoles, though no date was given. It’s possible that we’ll officially hear more about this announcement at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase set to take place on 11 June, where it could potentially launch on Xbox Game Pass as well.

The official description of Stray reads:

“Lost, alone and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten city. Stray is a third-person cat adventure game set amidst the detailed, neon-lit alleys of a decaying cybercity and the murky environments of its seedy underbelly. Roam surroundings high and low, defend against unforeseen threats and solve the mysteries of this unwelcoming place inhabited by curious droids and dangerous creatures. See the world through the eyes of a cat and interact with the environment in playful ways. Be stealthy, nimble, silly, and sometimes as annoying as possible with the strange inhabitants of this mysterious world.”

Stray is currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC though it won’t be long before it arrives on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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