Street Fighter 6 Rashid DLC Character 24 July

Street Fighter 6 DLC Character Rashid Arrives on 24 July

Capcom has announced that next DLC character for Street Fighter 6 will be Rashid, who first made his debut in Street Fighter V. The character is expected to arrive on 24 July for players who purchased the Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Edition or Year 1 Season Pass for the game. Players can also try out Rashid for one hour via a Rental Fighter ticket, obtained from the in-game Fighter Pass.

Rashid of the Turbulent Wind will arrive in Street Fighter 6 later this month and comes equipped with his usual arsenal of high-flying combos and moves. Those already familiar with the character from the last game will be happy to know that the fighter remains in tact, albeit with some improvements to his moveset.

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Capcom has broken down all of Rashid’s moves that you can expect in Street Fighter 6:

  • Arabian Cyclone: A new special move that performs a spinning kick and conjures up a whirlwind; can be used as a standalone blow, or transitioned into Rolling Assault or Wing Stroke 
  • Arabian Skyhigh: A new double jump move that keeps opponents guessing on where Rashid will land from the air 
  • Super Rashid Kick: Level 1 Super Art that unloads a devastating kick while soaring forward and up through the air 
  • Ysaar: Previously Rashid’s V-Trigger move in Street Fighter™ V, this Level 2 Super Art summons a slow-moving whirlwind projectile that can be used to pressure opponents 
  • Altair: Rashid’s Level 3 Super Art calls forth a tempest that lifts opponents before he rains down on them with a monsoon of powerful blows 

When Rashid launches later this month, the character will be playable across all three game modes: World Tour, Fighting Ground and Battle Hub.

Street Fighter 6 is currently available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the new gameplay trailer for Rashid below:

Source: Capcom

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