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Street Fighter 6 Was Developed With Esports in Mind

Street Fighter 6 is nearing its big release this June and it packs a wealth of content for players looking to delve into both its single-player and multiplayer offerings. However, Capcom recently stated that the anticipated fighting game was primarily developed with esports in mind, though also clarified that it’s a perfectly accessible entry point for newcomers due to its single-player modes and some streamlined elements.

Speaking with Japanese publication Famitsu, Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto revealed that Street Fighter 6 was developed with esports in mind, owing to the rise of competitive gaming in Japan and the international scene. Tsujimoto added that Capcom’s future plans also include focusing more on esports, though it’s unclear how this will manifest in new releases.

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Speaking about Street Fighter 6‘s development process and the upsurge in interest over esports in Japan, Tsujimoto stated:

“Capcom is also focusing on esports, but when I first worked on Street Fighter IV, such a culture had not yet taken root in Japan, and JeSU (Japan esports Union) was finally launched while Street Fighter V was being developed. Let’s get serious and make it exciting. Street Fighter 6 was developed from the beginning with the development of esports in mind, so I expect it to be very exciting.”

However, that doesn’t mean that Street Fighter 6 will alienate players who aren’t looking to play competitively. Tsujimoto addressed this concern by saying that the game was designed to encourage new players to delve into the esports and online community without hesitation or fear of being excluded. Street Fighter 6 includes a solo mode for single-player seekers that allows them to play in a safe environment:

“Therefore, in ‘Strike 6’, the most particular thing is that the game design is conscious of letting people play a mode that can be enjoyed as a single player, rather than playing head-to-head games all of a sudden, and then learning the ‘fun of fighting games’ from there.”

The Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6 is an area where players can take their custom-made avatars into a world deliberately designed to resemble old-school fighting game communities where players can initiate fights with others through nifty arcade machines. The game’s various multiplayer modes will also gear towards those seeking more competitive online play.

Street Fighter 6 launches on 2 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Famitsu

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