StreetCon Comic Con Africa 2022 Urban Pop Culture

StreetCon Launches Urban x Pop Culture at Comic Con Africa 2022

The first-ever StreetCon will be coming to Comic Con Africa 2022. Shining a spotlight on local brands entrepreneurs who aim to shake things up in the world of streetwear and gear, urban art, street culture and more, StreetCon is delivering live graffiti and sketch battles, a one-of-a-kind Tattoo Alley, special activations, and the StreetGear Pavilion, among other activities.

This year’s Comic Con Africa will feature a wide variety of entertainment from all walks of pop culture. StreetCon is one of the attractions you’ll be able to find at the event. “We see massive inspiration drawn from comic and pop culture in the streetwear and apparel industries as well as in street art and culture, so it was time to bring it all together at the festival,” said Carla Massmann, the show director of Comic Con Africa.

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StreetCon Comic Con Africa 2022 Urban Pop Culture

The StreetCon Stage will host various talents that guests will be able to meet and greet, including artists, brands, industry leaders and creatives all sharing their insight in a series of talks, interviews and panel discussions that aspiring artists in attendance can view.

“We see pop culture characters, comics, and anime embedded in most of the fashion in youth culture today, and it only makes sense to open a space at the show to give this audience access to it,” said Massmann.

Street artists like Bushy Whopp and That Damn Vandal will be at StreetCon as well as other up-and-coming brands “looking to showcase their genuine and unique styles.” Bathu Sneakers will be one of spotlight brands of the show, telling an inspiring story of being one of the first African sneaker brands to gain success while staying authentic to Africa.

Brand manager of Bathu Sneakers, Thabo Manenja, stated:

“We were born in the streets, meant for the streets, and people [are] always wanting to reach greater heights. Street culture and pop culture are big, and it is a market that keeps on growing. We want to be leaders in that space. Most South Africans do not know about the story of Vans, yet they wear it. StreetCon presents a chance for us to influence some of these choices [,share our band story] and have people in the streets rock Bathu sneakers.”

Tattoo Alley will be the place where South Africa’s best tattoo artists will be. Guests at StreetCon can get inked there or commission their own dream design for later. Whether it’s your favourite series, anime, movie or other characters, visitors will be able to freely express themselves through tattoos created by artists on-site.

There will be much more to do and see at StreetCon, including live graffiti battles presented by Grayscale. The battles will see new and established artists go head-to-head, taking place in various rounds throughout the show and culminating in a big final. Additionally, Klipdrift, one of South Africa’s biggest brands, will arrive with a barber shop set-up where visitors can get fresh new haircuts – or even a character trimmed into a fade! A retro-gaming area will be set up to let visitors kick back and enjoy the show.

Comic Con Africa 2022 takes place from 22-25 September at Johannesburg Expo Centre (Nasrec). Don’t miss out on StreetCon!

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