Study Claims PlayStation Fans Are The Most Brand Loyal
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Gaming has a load of platforms which means you will often find different people enjoying different consoles and experiences. Even though there are other platforms to enjoy, it seems that PlayStation fans are the most brand-loyal according to a new study.

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A recent study conducted by BestSEOCompanies determined that Sony fans were more loyal than others on other gaming platforms. The study was conducted of over one thousand people in order to determine what brand they were loyal to. The survey included brands like McDonald’s, Android, Nike, and PlayStation across various categories.

When asked which gaming brands users were most loyal to, the 1008 people voted PlayStation with 40%, Xbox with 31%, Nintendo with 30.4%, PC Gaming with 14.7%, PC Gaming (Laptops) with 8.6% and HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with just 3% each.

The study showed that 1 in 3 people plan to buy the new PS5 compared to 1 in 4 people who planned on buying the Xbox Series X. 8% of them claim they wanted to buy both when they came out.

The study reveals just how Sony has grown over the past few years. The company took a major step back when the PS3 was released at a crazy price tag but they rebranded the company and hit major success with the PS4. The PS5 will no doubt be another huge success for them and if this study is anything to go on, it might just outsell the Xbox Series X.






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