Chrono Odyssey MMORPG Gameplay Trailer

Stylish MMORPG ‘Chrono Odyssey’ Gets New Gameplay Trailer

PlayStation has released a new gameplay trailer for a stylish upcoming MMORPG titled Chrono Odyssey and it looks insane. The MMO from Npixel was first officially announced back in 2020 but things were mostly quiet since then. However, the company has now broken the silence with a closer look at the impressive gameplay which merges Soulslike elements with fast-paced hack and slash action.

The latest gameplay trailer for Chrono Odyssey shows a handful of classes that players will be able to choose in the game, namely the Swordsman, Berserker, Ranger and Sorcerer. Each class plays differently and has several unique abilities and weapons. Players will need to slay a variety of fantasy monsters and large beasts including teaming up to defeat what appears to be massive boss encounters – so the usual MMO antics.

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Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, Chrono Odyssey producer Samuel Seo went into some detail about the game’s combat, open-world, creatures and more:

“Step into the breathtaking world of Setera, an open-world wilderness that transports you to a world that feels ever-changing. Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery which transforms with each passing season, with a realism that captures the essence of a living and breathing environment.”

Combat is a dance of balancing attacking, dodging, defending switching through multiple weapons and abilities during battles. Many fans already drew comparisons to the Souls games, though Chrono Odyssey seems to blend those elements with faster paced real-time combat while keeping you constantly on your toes. It’s all stylish, fluid and rather spectacular considering there’s been very little marketing for the game over the last few years.

Chrono Odyssey currently does not have a release date but it is confirmed to arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the awesome new gameplay trailer below:

Source: PlayStation

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