Sucker Punch Hiring For New Ghost of Tsushima Project
"A Ghost of Tsushima sequel could be in the works."

Sucker Punch may have just released the latest and pretty awesome free co-op DLC for Ghost of Tsushima but the studio seems to be working on something new. The developer recently published a job posting on its site looking for a Narrative Writer with the knowledge of Fuedal Japan.


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The job position does not say much when it comes to what project they could be working on. However, listed under the “pluses” is “knowledge of feudal Japanese history.” For those who don’t know, that is the era which Ghost of Tsushima is set in.

Given that Ghost of Tsushima is at its prime when it comes to its player base and content, this new job opening could be for future DLC. Perhaps more multiplayer missions? However, we should not dismiss the possibility that a sequel could be in the works. The game was a massive success for Sony and Sucker Punch.

With the PS5 releasing in a couple of weeks, Sony may be working on pre-production plans for a PlayStation 5 sequel to Ghost of Tsushima. As we know, Sucker Punch likes to commit completely to an original IP before moving onto something else. Sucker Punch usually works on multiple sequels to a franchise before it releases a new IP when it comes to video games. Its past franchises including Sly Cooper and inFamous all released multiple sequels before they moved onto a new project. Ghost of Tsushima is no different.

Keep in mind that this does not confirm anything so don’t expect a sequel announcement any time soon. In addition, this job opening could simply be for the multiplayer as the studio wants to add new missions and content to the mode in the future.


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