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Suda51 and James Gunn Aren’t Involved in Lollipop Chainsaw Remake

Yesterday, Dragami Games founder Yoshimi Yasuda confirmed that Lollipop Chainsaw would be getting a remake. Yasuda served as an executive producer on the 2012 action title under Kadokawa Games. However, it looks like the game’s creative director Suda51 and co-writer James Gunn aren’t directly involved in the project.

Taking to social media, Gunn confirmed that he has nothing to do with the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw remake. Suda51 later added that he also wasn’t involved in any capacity. “To answer the question in the article, neither I nor Suda51 are currently involved in this,” Gunn tweeted. “I heard about it for the first time from Suda a couple [of] weeks ago.”

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“I neither endorse nor condemn it! I simply don’t know anything about it,” Gun added. “But as articles are starting to slap our names on there, I think it’s important to make clear no one ever approached us about it.”

To fan the flames a bit more, Yasuda’s statement on Tuesday seemingly downplayed Suda51’s role as creative director on the game, claiming that he took on a more advisory role:

“As Suda-san was very busy handling development on other projects at the time, I served as director and producer, creating a joint development team consisting of staff from Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games, overseeing development directly. Suda-san looked over the game design and supervised the project as an executive producer.”

Yasuda’s claims were contradicted in the game’s closing credits that revealed Yasuda as the executive producer and Suda51 as the creative director. Neither Suda51 nor James Gunn have commented on this discrepancy yet.

The Lollipop Chainsaw remake will remove certain music tracks due to licensing issues, instead replacing them with new songs. Yasuda hopes to deliver more realistic visuals to the remake as well.

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