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Suicide Squad is Getting ‘Barebones Support’ as Devs Pitch New Single-Player Game

A new report about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has exposed the game’s troubled development. According to the latest Bloomberg piece from journalist Jason Schreier, Suicide Squad is now only getting “barebones support” as the team at Rocksteady moves onto new projects. More specifically, most of the team has been reassigned to work on a director’s cut of Hogwarts Legacy. The studio is also reportedly in the process of a new single-player game pitch.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier asked several Rocksteady employees about the current state of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. According to anonymous sources, the game is getting barebones support at the moment and “definitely not as much as they’d originally planned.” Elsewhere in the report, Schreier reveals that parent company Warner Bros. Games moved most of Rocksteady’s development staff over to work on a director’s cut of Hogwarts Legacy.

Developers reportedly had growing concerns that the game would not meet expectations – many of whom were on edge leading up to release. Management on Suicide Squad believed that the game would ‘coalesce’ at the last minute as “Rocksteady magic”, similar to BioWare magic or CD Projekt magic. We’ve seen how that turned out in the past.

Meanwhile, studio leaders at Rocksteady are apparently trying to pitch a new single-player game “which would return Rocksteady to its roots” following the poor reception of the live service-focused Suicide Squad.

Last November, WB Games announced that it will lean more into live service games going forward, which is surprising considering that the company’s biggest game of 2023, Hogwarts Legacy, was a single-player game. In stark contrast to Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League which tanked critically and sales-wise, it’s baffling that the publisher is still so fervent about taking the increasingly risky live service route. Hopefully with these revelations, Rocksteady will be allowed to move ahead with its single-player project.

Source: Bloomberg

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