Suicide Squad Isekai Anime WIT Studio Attack on Titan

Suicide Squad ISEKAI Anime Announced from Attack on Titan Studio

DC has partnered with Warner Bros. Japan to develop a Suicide Squad ISEKAI anime from WIT Studio, the animation company behind the first three seasons of Attack on Titan as well as Spy x Family, Vinland Saga and more. DC’s animated projects have been mostly well-received by the community and it looks like the studio is adding another hit to its library by teaming up with Japanese animators.

Suicide Squad ISEKAI (Japanese term for “another world”) will be an original series animated by WIT Studio with creatives such as Tappei Nagatsuki (Re:ZERO), Eiji Umehara (Pokemon the Movie), and director Eri Osada leading the charge.

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Akira Amano, the show’s character designer, released a statement expressing his excitement for the upcoming Suicide Squad anime as well as his new design for Harley Quinn (below):

“I’m a big fan of Harley Quinn and the other characters in the Suicide Squad movie! It’s an honor for me to be involved in the creation of Suicide Squad ISEKAI. The director Eri Osada’s clear vision for Harley’s design made the process smoother than expected, and I enjoyed drawing her costume and muscles while imagining her action-packed adventures in the story. I’m excited to see how the talented animation staff brings Suicide Squad ISEKAI to life!”

Suicide Squad Isekai Anime WIT Studio Attack on Titan

Apart from a brief teaser trailer, there’s been no official announcement regarding a release date or casting just yet. We can probably expect more information in the near future but in the meantime, it’s good to know that DC is willing to expand its creative potential to other parts of the world. Anime is a great platform for fluid and eye-catching animation and there has only been a handful of times that Japanese animators have managed to work on Western IPs.

Check out the announcement trailer for Suicide Squad ISEKAI below:

Source: Anime News Network

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