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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League End Game Content Explained

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League launches in the next few weeks and if you’re wondering what the game has to offer once you finish the main campaign, Rocksteady has detailed the end-game experience. According to the studio, the game will open up some exciting “constantly evolving” encounters to the game which will provide a challenging gameplay loop for players. Each encounter will come with a new district and themed villains.

The first themed villain which falls into the end-game content is Batman villain, Bane. Rocksteady says that these villains will also come with their own unique gear sets which offer unique perks themed around their attack styles. Bane, for example, has Infamy Sets which are designed in different ways to “dominate your enemies and harness the chaos around you”.

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The general gameplay loop for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League end-game will see players take on these themed districts and chaotic missions all to build better characters in order to take on more challenging versions of the same content. Rocksteady says that as the difficulty goes up, new rewards are available and new set gear unlocks new play styles and builds for each character. The end game relies on Infamy Sets and Notorious items, both of which play into the game’s build system.

During a QA on the game’s Discord, Game Director Axel Rydy explained the loop saying:

After you’ve completed the main story, End Game is a huge, constantly evolving and challenging experience for you to put your skills to the test.

Our core philosophy for End Game was, essentially, Mastery. Mastery of your character, traversal, Talents, enemy types, mission mechanics and, of course, your choice of build. And as the difficulty increases, you will have to find new builds to overcome the challenge. That’s why we have three distinct Tiers of Infamy Sets in End Game, all themed around an iconic DC character. For launch, that character is Bane, and his Infamy Sets are all themed around different ways of dominating your enemies and harnessing the chaos around you. We have a somewhat chaotic game, with a constantly changing battlefield with lots of things going on. The game is frantic and fast paced, and we’ve purposefully made it to feel like the Squad is always surrounded and in the middle of the chaos, and Mastery of the game comes from you harnessing that chaos and using it as one of your strengths, turning the very thing Brainiac is throwing at you right back at him.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

He then goes into detail on the game’s difficulty and teases players with a Braniac mission where they will take down the Promethium Shield that protects him.

Because our game is chaotic and because we wanted our End Game to lean into build construction as well as Mastery of mechanics, we’ve made our End Game revolve around a core backbone of mission types that provide a more predictable experience and challenge. But that doesn’t mean that Brainiac is just going to sit back and let you go head to head with his forces without throwing a spanner in the works, or that you know what’s going to happen in each mission. Brainiac keeps evolving his forces throughout End Game and you’ll have to adapt your builds to match this.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

There will be several types of missions, from the snappier Incursion Missions, where the poor Squad is sent into Brainiac’s domain under the protection of a very fickle Promethium Shield that protects you from the Skull Ship’s tentacles as well as the full force of Brainiac’s army. The Squad have to fight their way through Brainiac’s forces – often with the help of the Support Squad – to make it back to Metropolis. But once the mission is completed, the Promethium Shield goes down so the Squad has to leg it. Waller’s really not doing the Squad any favours here and she seems intent on emphasising the Suicide in Suicide Mission. Then we have the more grand Killing Time missions where the Squad is battling an increasingly frantic horde of Brainiac’s enemies, and they have to keep killing enemies to fuel the Promethium Shield because once it goes down, there’s no hiding from the Skull Ship’s tentacles.

As the difficulty levels go up, so do the rewards, and we have some quite frankly insane Infamy Sets and Notorious items that are earned from the highest tiers of End Game. That, paired with Global leaderboards for Solo, 2-player, 3-player and 4-player groups, mean that there’s plenty of friendly competition to go around… And if you want some tips on how to build your character, the leaderboards will be a good place to scout around.

Rydy then follows up the QA with a teaser drop of concept art that is no doubt Joker-themed. This aligns with the previous leak suggesting that Joker will be the first seasonal content drop in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League releases on 2 February for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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