Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League – How to Defeat Each Superhero

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has been out for the past weekend (or week if you bought into early access) and many players are currently working through the game’s story. Between fights against Brainiac’s goons, you’ll eventually have to do as the game’s title implies: kill the Justice League, which isn’t an easy feat depending on how well-equipped you are. We’ve got a handy guide for you on how to defeat each superhero in the game: The Flash, Green Lantern, Batman and Superman.

There are four Justice League members that you’ll ultimately have to kill in the game. Wonder Woman is kind of on your side, so you don’t have to worry about trading blows with the Amazonian princess. However, the rest of the Justice League will put up a fight. In order to beat Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, you’ll have to work your way towards the Man of Steel at the end of the story.

How to Defeat the Justice League in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

The Flash

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League How to Defeat Each Superhero

The first Justice League member that you’ll kill is The Flash. It’s worth noting that Green Lantern’s fight opens up before you fight The Flash, however you don’t have the required items yet to fight Green Lantern so it’s best to stick to the story missions so long. Before tackling The Flash, Lex Luthor will give you a device that stops the speedy superhero in his tracks. You can use this to counter him, which is very important.

You’ll fight The Flash in an enclosed arena. The Flash will constantly be darting around the arena and will only briefly stop to mock you. You’ll notice that bullets won’t do damage as he’ll simply run away and dodge them. In order to deal damage to him, you’ll need to counter his attacks. This is highlighted by the blue lightning lines around him when he stops to charge an attack. You have a few seconds to turn your aim on him and press R1 (or RB on Xbox) to counter that attack, knocking him off balance for a few seconds.

In the second half of the fight, The Flash will summon tornadoes in the arena. These are relatively easy to dodge, just be on the move and watch out for them. Otherwise, all you need to do is keep countering his attacks during this phase until his health is depleted.

Green Lantern

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League How to Defeat Each Superhero

The next Justice League member you’ll face is Green Lantern. Like The Flash’s fight, you’ll battle Green Lantern in an enclosed arena. However, there are several vantage points to make use of, including areas to block incoming attacks so use this to your advantage.

In the first phase of the fight, Green Lantern will be encased in a shield so you won’t be able to deal any direct damage to him. At first, he’ll summon helicopters to reign bullets down on you. Now that you have a certain item to counter Green Lantern’s shields, you’ll be able to deal damage to his spawns with relative ease. It’s a matter of taking down enough helicopters until his shield is broken. At this point, Green Lantern will be exposed for you to directly shoot him.

Eventually, Green Lantern’s shields will regenerate so you’ll have to repeat the process. However, each phase will introduce now spawns such as floating turrets and bombs. Simply shoot all of these spawns until his shield is broken again. In the final phase, Green Lantern will enter the fight with a giant hologram of himself. This can be directly damaged too if you’re close enough to his head. Keep breaking his shields and dealing damage until his health his depleted.


Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League How to Defeat Each Superhero

Batman’s fight is arguably the most unique in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. While raiding the batcave, Batman will use the fear toxin on you, causing the cave to become darkened and filled with traps. You’ll have to control each member of the Suicide Squad and craft an antidote for the toxin, thanks to Harley Quinn’s knowledge. This means you’ll have to navigate the darkness while avoiding traps and hallucinations of Batman, who will occasionally attack you in the form of a giant burning bat. His attacks can be countered easily, though.

Each squad member will have to activate three devices scattered around the cave to craft antidotes. Don’t worry if Batman takes you out afterwards – this is part of the mission. You can also counter-shot the traps (Batman’s blue symbols) by just shooting them to avoid explosions. Once you reach Harley Quinn’s portion of the mission, she’ll turn the tables on Batman and force him to break the fear toxin, revealing his final phase.

In this final phase, Batman takes the form of a sinister-looking giant bat on fire. You’ll have a small arena to fight him in but it’s pretty straight-forward from here. Avoid his attacks by evading in any direction. You’ll want to shoot his face to deal the most amount of damage. Simply dwindle his health until he’s defeated. He won’t die at this stage, so transport him back to HQ to complete the mission.


Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League How to Defeat Each Superhero

The final fight of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is against Superman (if you don’t count Brainiac’s endgame grind). By far, Superman is the most straight-forward fight out of the bunch. Armed with kryptonite bullets, you’ll now be able to deal damage to Superman as you fight him in an enclosed arena. Superman will dart around in the air but occasionally stop to throw something at you. This usually opens up a counter window which you can use to stun him for a few seconds.

However, Superman will also create hazardous terrain around the environment like ice shards that can hurt you if you land close to them. He’ll also discharge a wide-sweeping AoE wave – the only way to avoid this is to reach higher ground like his statue. With Captain Boomerang, you can throw your boomerang upwards to teleport over the wave, or jet-boost upwards with Deadshot. It’s just a matter of shooting him until his health is gone. There aren’t any big surprises in the fight so feel free to unleash your most devastating abilities and strikes.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is now available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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