Summer Game Fest 2023 8 June Live Show
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Summer Game Fest Will Have 3 or 4 ‘Pretty Big’ Announcements

Summer Game Fest, the annual not-E3 event from Geoff Keighley, is set to kick off with its live event in June. Some new details have now been shared about the show. According to Keighley, Summer Game Fest Live will be around 2 hours and will at least have 3 or 4 “pretty big” announcements planned for the live presentation.

Billed as a “global fan celebration of what’s next in video games”, Summer Game Fest has been growing in popularity over the last few years and has all but dominated the annual window where E3 used to take place. Instead of hosting several scattered presentations, the big reveals and world premieres are united under a single live kick-off event – a format that plenty of publishers seem to be attracted to.

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Speaking on Epic Games’ website in a recent interview, Keighley teased what fans can expect at this year’s Summer Game Fest kick-off:

“As I always say with these shows, one or two games kind of makes the entire difference. As the producer, it’s challenging because sometimes you have those games, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you think you have them and they drop out or change.”

Keighley added that there will be about 3 or 4 “pretty big” announcements at this year’s show but stopped short of offering any clues about what they could be. Additionally, the show will run for around 2 hours and feature “wall-to-wall video game news, updates and world premieres.”

Last year’s Summer Game Fest featured a number of exciting reveals and updates including Street Fighter 6, The Callisto Protocol, Gotham Knights and The Last of Us Part I. The pressure is on for this year’s event to deliver more of that excitement that fans have come to expect. Hopefully with the massive list of gaming companies attending the event, we’re in for some good surprises.

Summer Game Fest takes place on 8 June 2023.

Source: Epic Games

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