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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Speedrun World Record Set at AGDQ

A new speedrun world record has been set for Super Mario Galaxy 2 at Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), a charity stream that brings together some of the world’s best speedrunners to compete for new times and raise money for organisations. Twitch streamer Jhay managed to set the new world record, completing the Nintendo game with an impressive time.

Jhay beat his previous record by just 4.4 seconds, competing in a speedrunning race against Mutantsabyss, Hardcoregaming and Supervipert302. The Any% with Bank run – referring to the Bank Toad which is required to unlock the final galaxy in the game – was completed by Jhay in 2:54:51.33. “I just got WR live at GDQ in front of 80k people how in the actual universe,” tweeted Jhay while celebrating his victory on stream. “I have peaked in life. Galaxy forever.”

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the many games that speedrunners tackle at Awesome Games Done Quick. It’s quite rare to see world records set at these events, though, as speedrunners usually complete games in impressive times but just shy from any actual world records. The purpose is to raise money for charity which AGDQ succeeded in for several years since it was first established.

AGDQ is currently running on Twitch until Saturday, 14 January. All proceeds from viewer donations will go towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

In related speedrunning news, one speedrunner beat Elden Ring in just under 20 minutes a few weeks after the game first launched. Another AGDQ speedrunner previously beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice blindfolded in under two hours. The most impressive challenge we’ve seen of Elden Ring so far was achieved this week when a streamer managed to beat two Malenias simultaneously while using both a controller and dance pad. It’s not exactly a speedrun as the streamer took 199 tries to beat them, but it’s a testament to the awesome ways players overcome challenges.

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