Superman Unreal Engine 5 Mod Built in The Matrix Awakens Looks Incredible

"He's doing his Superman thing again"

Superman Unreal Engine 5 Mod The Matrix Awakens
Superman Unreal Engine 5 Mod Built in The Matrix Awakens Looks Incredible

It’s been a long while since we’ve had a decent Superman game. Someone has now taken that concept and applied it to a rather impressive Unreal Engine 5 mod using The Matrix Awakens as a blueprint. The sizeable chunk of Metropolis is Superman’s playground in this demo, which is available to download for free.

The Superman Unreal Engine 5 mod was created by Tyson Butler-Boschma using The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 Experience for the large-scaled city. The project was simply meant to showcase the potential of a Superman game, complete with sound barrier-breaking flying.

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Bulter-Boschma explains in a description of the mod:

“This project was built simply as a test for what a future Superhero game like Superman might be like in a large scale modern city running on UE5. I dream of a modern Superman game and with the release of UE5, seemed like fertile ground for some experimentation with the amazing packages Epic has made available.

This game uses Epic’s The Matrix Awaken’s Project City and replaces the character with a flying superhero variant of my own design using other marketplace assets.”

Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 has been the centre of attention following its big unveiling, with The Matrix Awakens perhaps serving as the best example so far of what the engine is capable of. However, it was only meant as a demonstration and not a full-fledged video game, allowing players to freely explore a fully realised open-world modelled after Manhattan.

The Superman Unreal Engine 5 mod is currently available to download for free on PC right here.

However, you’ll need some hefty specifications to get the mod to run properly. The creator stresses that even running on a 3090, they still ran into some streaming issues.

You can check out a demonstration of the mod in the video blow.

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