PS2-Themed Black PS5 Console
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Supposed Black PS5 Console Firm Calls Scam Accusations “Hurtful and Unfair” After Failed Launch

SUP3R5 is not happy about the way media, influencers and content creators have approached the disastrous launch of its so-called PS2-themed black PS5 console. The brand was meant to sell 304 PS5 consoles which were modded and skinned to look like PlayStation 2 hardware. They opened up pre-orders for the console on Friday at $649 after the campaign gained traction online through media outlets. However, the launch of these devices ended in a dumpster fire after the brand cancelled all orders and refunded their customers without securing any consoles.


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After the cancellation of all the orders, SUP3R5 then deleted its Twitter account and vanished. Thankfully customers got their money back but they were unable to delete credit card information off their site. The company stated that the cancellations were a result of “credible threats to their safety.”

Reddit refuses to believe this nonsense and dug deeper into the brand and its so-called custom console plan. First, SUP3R5 used a fan-made PS2 render to advertise their product. Secondly, their address does not exist and lastly, their website was only created a few weeks ago.

PS2-Themed Black PS5 Console

In a statement issued by the company this week, SUP3R5 tried to address the scam speculations and explain what happened. They claim that the scam rumours emerged from Twitter and YouTube “actively pushing” the false news to their audiences. In addition, the company was also a startup with no prior experience with this sort of business. They said;

“We’ve been using the term ‘Scam Panic’ to describe the first problem we encountered after we launched our storefront and Twitter account. We think it’s perfectly reasonable to be sceptical of an operation that spun up as quickly as we did. However, we began to see people on Twitter and YouTube actively pushing the scam narrative, some even claiming to have proof of this. It was hurtful and unfair given that we hadn’t even sold anything at that point – and thus had no reputation to prove or disprove it.”

SUP3R5 says that media and YouTubers used their business as a way to get views by using clickbait titles at their expense.

“We understand that views matter for monetization, and it’s hard to fault someone for jumping on a good opportunity to drive more views their way. We hope it worked. We hope that in the future, they exercise much greater consideration for others before throwing out unfair accusations.”

The company claims they have now refunded 98% of all orders made during the launch and will complete the other 2% this week. As for the inability to delete credit card information, SUP3R5  says that the payment process for standard payments disconnected from their site during pre-orders. Because of this, everyone lost their ability to delete their card from their profiles.

Even though they never showed any real console, could not prove where the stock came from and if whether or not they actually had any stock to begin with, SUP3R5  says they might try to revive the project at some point.

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