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Switch Successor’s DLSS Upscaling Might Not Be That Great

If know anything about the upcoming Nintendo Switch successor it is that the company is leveraging DLSS 3.0 to upscale games and improve performance. Reports claim that the Switch 2 will benefit from DLSS 3.0 to deliver high-end PS4-like console visuals on a portable level thanks to the new NVIDIA chip and the AI upscaling technology,

While this all sounds great, new reports claim that the DLSS feature on the new Nintendo console won’t actually be as powerful as gamers hoped. This is because the hardware will feature DLSS 3.0 but not DLA.

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If you don’t know DLA is a tech called Deep Learning Accelerator which is a standalone engine designed to speed up the AI calculations which DLSS uses to upscale the resolution of games. DLA often carries the heavy lifting when it comes to deep learning calculations so that GPUs can focus on rendering the game while all the upscaling calculations are handled separately.

The Switch 2 will reportedly not include DLA due to the SoC, the T239 GPU, not having the feature on board. This means that while DLSS 3.0 is available, the GPU will have to calculate the upscaling and render the framework at the same time. As a result, it limits the power and potential.

The information comes from Digital Foundry’s DF Direct Show where Richard Leadbetter claims the T239 GPU doesn’t include DLA. He says that sources close to the T239 project say there’s no DLA in the chip which definitely affects the potential of the GPU.

“I’ve had sources come forward saying there’s no DLA in the T239, which would limit the viability of DLSS quite significantly.”

While the Switch 2 will definitely be able to perform DLSS and upscale games to a higher resolution, the lack of DLA means this upscaling is limited. He claims that games will be upscaled from 1080p to 1440p in some cases and definitely not 4K. Even in the case of 1440p upscaling, it will be dependent on the game.

Reports claim that Nintendo is gearing up to release the Switch successor in early 2024. Some say it will arrive before the middle of next year.

Source: DF YouTube

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