Take a look at the first Darksiders 3 gameplay
Darksiders 3
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Last week we reported on the Darksiders 3 leak that pointed to screenshots uploaded by Amazon on the game. Later that day THQ Nordic officially announced the game to avoid any more confusion. While it has been a while since the announced, the original trailer was not a gameplay one, so we just got a CG look at Fury and her overall quest to go and destroy the Seven Deadly Sins. 

The first gameplay of the upcoming sequel has been released in partnership with IGN, and their IGN First program. From the start of the gameplay one thing is for sure, Darksiders 3 looks gorgeous, and its art style is still true to the series, which I have to say is fantastic. The gameplay shows off some of Fury’s moves as she explores the environment and gets around with the help of her whip. She is able to swing across large gaps with it and can pull off some awesome combos in battle. The series has been known for its God of a War-like battle system that sees you unlock more abilities and combos as you progress through the game. 

While the gameplay trailer below is short of details like the how the equipment system will work, and Fury’s magical abilities, it does show off some great environments and spot-on sound design. There is even a cool boss battle between Sloth: Lord of the Flies, who summons crabs by the way. 

Take a look at the gameplay footage below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments section.

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