Takealot has kicked off its Blue Dot Early Countdown sale. While I often don’t share Takealot deals due to how shady the pricing “magically” changes around this time every year, I did notice a handful of TVs that were actually pretty decent.

If you’re in the market for a new TV, check out some of the deals below. Keep in mind that stock is limited so grab it before it’s gone. We will also be bringing you some more deals as the “Black November” retail madness kicks off this month. Make sure you check back daily for the best South African Black Friday deals we can find across gaming and tech.

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Takealot Blue Dot Countdown Sale


  • Samsung
    • 43-inch AU7000 4K TV – R7.299
    • 50-inch Q60 QLED 4K TV – R11.899
    • 55-inch Q60 QLED 4K TV – R12.999
    • 65-inch AU7000 4K TVR13.999
    • 65-inch QN85A Neo QLED – R43.499
  • LG
    • 55-inch C1 OLED – R19.999
    • 65-inch A1 OLED – R34.999
    • 55-inch Nanocell 75 Series 4K TV – R11.999
    • 65-inch Nanocell 75 Series 4K TV – R14.999
    • 76-inch Nanocell 75 Series 4K TV – R24.999
    • 86-inch Nanocell 75 Series 4K 100Hz TV – R32.999
    • 55-inch Nanocell 80 Series 4K TV – R13.999
  • Hisense
    • 32-inch HD Smart – R3.599
    • 40-inch HD Smart TV – R4.999
    • 50-inch UHD Smart TV – R7.999
    • 50-inch UHD Android TV – R7.999
    • 55-inch Quantum Dot 4K TV – R11.999
    • 70-inch UHD Smart TV – R14.999

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