Tales of Arise Demo Now Available on Consoles

"Full game releases 10 September"

Tales of Arise Demo Animated Cinematic
Tales of Arise Demo Now Available on Consoles

Players interested in testing out the anticipated RPG Tales of Arise can do so now on console. Bandai Namco has released a short gameplay demo for the upcoming game across PS5, PS4, and Xbox. The demo went live at midnight in your region so if you head over to the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace now, you should find the listing.

The demo contains about an hour of Tales of Arise gameplay. However, you can get through it faster if you don’t explore the entire region. The demo also includes six playable characters so technically, you could extend the gameplay even longer if you test them all out and level them up.


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The Tales of Arise gameplay demo includes the following playable characters:

  • Alphen
    • A swift swordfighter with an array of artes to combat any type of foe in close-quarters combat.
  • Shionne
    • A long-range gunslinger who also uses astral artes, letting her heal the party between shots.
  • Rinwell
    • A mage who mainly relies on astral artes. Though casting takes time, her magic has a far reach.
  • Law
    • A close-quarters martial artist whose sheer power and flurry of strikes overwhelms his enemies.
  • Kisara
    • A hammer wielder with a giant shield that blocks attacks, letting her fight on the front lines.
  • Dohalim
    • An all-around fighter whose rod and arsenal of artes enable him to dispatch foes at any distance.


According to Bandai Namco, players who complete the demo will unlock a “Vacation Hootle Doll” in the main game. Keep in mind that game progress from the demo does not carry over to the full release. You can download the Tales of Arise demo on the PlayStation Store here and the Xbox Store here.

We have covered Tales of Arise quite a lot in the past few weeks. The game is one of our most anticipated titles of the year. You can catch up on some open-world exploration here.┬áThere’s also the opening cinematic trailer here.

Tales of Arise is expected to release on 10 September 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC. Catch up on the latest trailer down below.

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