Tales of Arise Demo Animated Cinematic

Tales of Arise Gets Gorgeous New Open-World and Combat Gameplay Footage

If you’re a JRPG fan then chances are you have played a Tales game in the past. The series is known for its brilliant stories, immersive worlds, great combo-based combat and unique characters. The upcoming Tales of Arise is the first new entry in the series since the last game, Tales of Berseria back in 2016. So far, it looks superb.

In the latest set of gameplay trailers, Bandai Namco shared some hands-on gameplay for Tales of Arise. Instead of the videos focusing on scripted, flashy trailers, the gameplay comes straight out of a hands-on reveal session with the developers.


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In the Tales of Arise footage, we get to see the game’s open-world as the player explores the rolling hills and vast landscapes in the demo area. Combat also plays a big role in the game and the gameplay footage is full of it. Players can encounter all sorts of freakish enemies. Be it a massive rock golem, giant killer birds or deadly crabs.

The gameplay footage also touches on the actual combat as the players chain together flashy combos to fight these beasts. We get to see all the demo characters in action too as the game allows players to switch between the party members on the fly.

Each character specializes in a specific fighting style. Be it fists, a two-handed sword or magic. You can also join other party members in combat to perform high-damage dealing combo attacks. One of the video clips shows off the mage character use all sorts of elemental attacks during one combo and it looks fantastic. She strikes the enemy with a lightning blot, whips it into the air with a tornado then slams it with multiple shards of ice.

Combine that together and you have yourself an awesome-looking JRPG. Tales of Arise is set to launch on 10 September 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC. Check out the videos down below. They should start at the specific gameplay footage.

Exploration and combat

Crazy combo attacks

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