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Tango Gameworks Founder Shinji Mikami is Leaving The Company

Tango Gameworks founder Shinji Mikami has announced his departure from the company he founded. Publisher Bethesda recently confirmed the news in a statement, revealing that Mikami will be leaving the studio after first establishing it in March 2010. The developer released its newest game, Hi-Fi Rush, to positive reviews earlier this year.

Tango Gameworks is best known for developing The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2 and last year’s Ghostwire: Tokyo. Mikami got started in the gaming industry as a junior game designer at Capcom in 1990. Despite knowing little about game development at the time, he was thrown into a leadership position at the company. He used his love of horror movies like The Evil Dead and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as inspiration for Resident Evil.

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Bethesda’s recent statement confirming Mikami’s departure from Tango Gameworks reads:

“We can confirm that Shinji Mikami has decided to leave Tango Gameworks in the coming months. We thank him for his work as a creative leader and supportive mentor to young developers on The Evil Within franchise, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and, of course, Hi-Fi Rush. We wish Mikami-san well in the future and are excited by what lies ahead for the talented developers at Tango.”

Mikami didn’t state a reason for his exit from the company nor did he mention his plans for what’s next in his career. Tango Gameworks will continue to develop new games without Mikami’s leadership and it’s rumoured that the studio might be gearing up to announce The Evil Within 3.

Mikami is often seen as one of the pioneers of the survival horror genre in gaming. Having worked on the Resident Evil series as well as Dino Crisis and Devil May Cry, he was responsible for several Capcom classics and some of the best video games in the medium including Resident Evil 4.

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