Techland Launches Dying Light 2 Community Hub With Free in-Game Rewards and Goodies
"Concept art, outfits and more."
Dying Light 2 Community Hub
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Techland has launched a special Dying Light 2 community hub ahead of the game’s release later this year. Fans of the series can sign up to the page and download a range of awesome wallpapers that include desktop and mobile images from the art team. Many of these wallpapers look familiar as they were showcased during the game’s announcement stream last week.

The main objective behind the Dying Light 2 community hub is to share content regarding the game in many forms. Users can sign up and link their accounts to their gaming profiles in order to unlock an exclusive Aiden’s Outfit. This six-piece outfit is available through the Dying Light 2 community hub and will be available in-game when it launches on 7 December 2021.


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Techland will most likely add more in-game items to the site in the weeks ahead. However, at the moment there are some nice items to obtain especially if you are interested in the behind-the-scenes work of Dying Light 2. For example, users can look forward to watching the behind the scenes video from the gameplay and release date stream, read up on some of the in-game characters and their backstories and more. There is even an in-game item available for the original Dying Light called The Wasp.

If you want to sign up for the Dying Light 2 community page then head here and do the things. Make sure you tick yes for marketing as they will email you when new content becomes available on the platform.






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