Tekken 8 Marshall Law Gameplay Trailer
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Tekken 8 Gameplay Trailer Shows Marshall Law in Action

A new character gameplay trailer for Bandai Namco’s upcoming fighting game, Tekken 8, has arrived. This time, fan-favourite fighter Marshall Law takes the spotlight showing off new and familiar moves with some impressive visuals that literally detail the veins in his muscles. The anticipated sequel is still without a concrete release date but Bandai Namco seems to be ramping up the marketing anyway.

The latest gameplay trailer for Tekken 8 highlights Marshall Law’s various movesets and combos including how the new Heat System ties into everything. Plenty of familiar combos are shown for the character with a new, flashy finisher where the fighter uses nunchucks to lay a quick beating on Paul Phoenix.

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Marshall Law has been a mainstay character in the Tekken series since the very first game. Tekken 3 attempted to introduce his son, Forest Law, into the mix as a possible replacement for the character. Unfortunately fans preferred Marshall so Bandai Namco reintroduced the father in subsequent mainline sequels. Forest Law would only appear again in the Tekken Tag Tournament games but he never quite caught on with players due to his incredibly similar moveset to Marshall.

Marshall Law also has an ongoing “feud” with Paul Phoenix that borders on friendly rivalry at this point. The friendship and bantering between them makes for one of Tekken‘s more heart-warming and compelling side stories.

Tekken 8 is being built in Unreal Engine 5 and you can tell that Bandai Namco is quite literally flexing the engine’s muscles by showing the outstanding attention to detail in Marshall Law’s design. This carries over to every character revealed for the game so far who have all gone through some great redesigns. In case you missed it, check out the gameplay trailers for Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama and Nina Williams.

Tekken 8 is currently in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Have a look at Marshall Law below.

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