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Tekken 8 Reveals Jun Kazama in New Gameplay Trailer

The next character trailer for Tekken 8 has arrived from Bandai Namco and this time, it’s a highly anticipated fighter. Jun Kazama makes her return to the series – we don’t know how but all we know is that she’s kind of angry at her husband, Kazuya Mishima. A gorgeous new stage was also shown in her gameplay trailer.

Jun’s return to the Tekken series is a pretty big deal for fans. Her only canonical appearance was in Tekken 2 and for some story reasons, she never returned to subsequent games. She did, however, appear in the Tekken Tag Tournament games though that’s largely considered non-canon to the lore. She was already revealed in the second trailer for Tekken 8 but fans weren’t sure if she would be a playable character. It looks like we finally have our answer.

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Jun Kazama is the mother of series poster child, Jin Kazama, and the wife of Kazuya. Due to her mysterious exit from the mainline series, fans speculated that she might’ve been killed by Ogre in the events of Tekken 3 or the Mishima Zaibatsu (then under Heihachi Mishima’s leadership) could’ve taken her out of the picture. She’s back and that’s all that matters right now until we get some concrete story information in the final game.

Jun’s moveset shown in the gameplay is unsurprisingly reminiscent of Jin’s combos. She’s a bit more agile, faster and has a rage art finishing move straight out of an anime (it seems to be a trend with Tekken 8‘s characters after Lars Alexandersson‘s Naruto-inspired lightning finisher). No doubt she’ll be one of the more complex characters to learn and master if Jin’s moveset is anything to go by.

Tekken 8 is currently in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. No official release date has been set yet by Bandai Namco. Check out Jun’s gameplay below:

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