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Tekken 8 Will Likely Release Before April 2024

Bandai Namco recently began ramping up the marketing for Tekken 8, announcing a new fighter in Nina Williams as well as a closed alpha test set to take place soon. Fans believe that the game might be closer to release than we think. The company’s latest financial results reveal that Tekken 8 is set to release within its next fiscal year, which is between April 2023 and March 2024.

Bandai Namco’s financial results indicate that “new titles in the Tekken series” are planned to release before April 2024. Unless the company unveils more Tekken games or spin-offs, it’s likely that this means Tekken 8 will release sometime in the next 14 months. The game still doesn’t have a solid release window, but all marketing so far suggests that it might be pretty far along in development and ready to launch sooner rather than later.

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Bandai Namco would’ve had a number of years to develop Tekken 8. Its predecessor, Tekken 7, originally released in 2017 (or 2015 in arcades), so enough time has passed for the studio to work on another entry. Since then, Tekken 7 has received numerous DLC including new stages, characters and modes.

The developer is already preparing to run closed alpha tests for Tekken 8 which we can take as a good sign that the game will indeed release sometime this year or early next year. Some think that we’ll continue to get trickles of new information about the upcoming fighter in the coming months, possibly revealing new characters for the launch roster leading up to release.

Bandai Namco’s financial results also reveal a joint venture with From Software (not counting Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon). Fans are hoping that this is the long-rumoured massive expansion for Elden Ring, though we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for that.

Tekken 8 is currently in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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