Temtem Gets New Cipanku Island and Digital Temtem Today
"New Digital Temtem are here"
Temtem Steam Early Access
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Temtem is getting its first massive content update today in the form of a brand-new island called Cipanku. Alongside this new island comes a handful of new Temtem monsters and a new rare Digital Temtem type. These Digital Temtem are new monsters that were created by humans in the Nanto laboratories.

According to Crema, the new Digital Tems have their own exclusive traits and techniques. They are the first type to be weak against other Digital Temtems and are strong against Mental, Melee and Digitial types. Digital Temtems are weak to Water, Electric and Digital. They are resistant to Toxic.


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Alongside the new Digital Temtem type comes the Cipanku island that features a new Mythical Temtem to catch and a new way to find them called “Lairs”. This new group activity ranges from three to five players and sees teammates progress through dungeon-like areas while battling Temtem and capturing others. Players will all receive their own randomly generated path and share resources with teammates.

Crema says that players will need to master resource management and form their ideal Temtem team before they head into the Lair if they want to succeed. In addition, all resources and group layouts are formed during the Lair itself so you need to approach each one strategically once you start.

The new Cipanku update has been a long time coming but players can look forward to loads of new things to see and do. There’s also a new fast travel feature arriving in Temtem that can be unlocked by completing a side quest in the city of Neoedo. This will let players teleport around the world in exchange for a fee.

The Temtem Cipanku update is set to go live sometime today on PS5. Temtem is available on PC and PS5. Make sure you check out our early access review of the PS5 version here.

Source; PS Blog 






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