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TemTem Swarm Announced

Popular monster-capturing MMO game, TemTem is getting a spin-off. While you would think a new TemTem game would follow the same Pokemon-like formula, Swarm is taking the game in a new direction. In fact, the game is going completely off the rails and following a Vampire Survivors approach.

In TemTem Swam, three players take on co-op modes as they fight through levels of enemies to power up and evolve their Tem. Different Tems will come with different abilities and skills to help you through these challenging levels.

Players will have to work together to create a synergy with various Tems while also creating unique builds to take on more difficult levels.

Think of TemTem Swarm as an intense top-down bullet hell game where players will frantically fight off swarms of enemies as they survive waves of oncoming Tem. Players can also catch new Tem and add them to their roster. So the traditional Tem-catching mechanics aren’t going away in TemTem Swarm.

TemTem Swarm has a unique online co-op feature called Ghost Mode. When a player dies in a group, they can still help their teammates in limited ways until they can revive them. Players will use what the game calls a Spectral Helper to perform these ghost attacks.

TemTem Swarm is expected to launch on PC through Steam first and come to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S at a later date. However, Cema and GGTech Studios have yet to announce a date. You can wishlist TemTem Swarm on Steam here and watch the trailer down below.

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