Tencent Acquires Sumo Digital for $1.27 Billion
"There is no stopping Tencent"
Tencent Sumo Digital
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Before you know it Tencent will become the Disney of gaming as the company is steamrolling through studios and publishers picking them one by one. The latest acquisition comes from Sumo Group as Tencent has bought them out for a crazy $1.27 billion.

Sumo Group is a UK-founded developer with 14 studios worldwide. Tencent already bought into Sumo Group back in 2018 and they claimed the majority stake in the company last year. This complete buyout was only a matter of time.

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Sumo Group is a fairly large company. Their studios worked on multiple franchises including Sonic Racing, Sackboy: Big Adventure, Crackdown 3, Snake Pass and more. However, the striking news here is the sheer number of studios Tencent has bought up in the past few years. Last year, Tencent purchased 31 gaming companies and invested in large-scale publishers such as Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games and more. Tencent stands as China’s biggest gaming company at the moment.

There is no stopping Tencent it seems. Slowly they are growing bigger and bigger. The company not only develops tech but also have a failry large film and animation studio along with its gaming division. Thankfully, Sumo Group are known for their great games (ignoring Crackdown 3). Its most recent release, Sackboy: A Big Adventure released back in November last year and delivered some of the best platforming we have experienced in a while. You can read our full review of the game here.

Source: The Guardian

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