Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced Announced For PS5

Terminator Resistance Enhanced PS5
Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced Announced For PS5

Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced is coming to PS5 on 26 March 2021 and will include a standalone game for new owners as well as a free upgrade from the PS4 version. The news is quite surprising given the fact that the original game came out way back in November 2019. The game follows the Future War as players take on the role of one of the freedom fighters.


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In addition to including loads of visual improvements in Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced, the PS5 version of the game will also come with the previously-PC exclusive mode ‘Infiltrator’. It lets players play as a T-800 Terminator.

Reef Entertainment shared the Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced new on Twitter along with details of the game’s enhancements. For starters, it will include the main game and all the balance patches and updates. There will be a Standard and Collector’s Edition which includes a Steel Book, and hardback comic book. The game will also include visual upgrades such as 4K 60 FPS, faster loading times and DualSense controller implementation.

The original release of Terminator: Resistance was well received by fans but not by critics. Reviews for the game called out the game’s story for being uninteresting as well as the game’s visuals being dated. Hopefully, the Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced PS5 version improves on this. Check out the original trailer down below.

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