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Tetris Effect Connected is Getting Several New Modes and PS VR2 Features

Tetris Effect Connected is one of the many games that PS VR2 players will be able to play and in the midst of the headset’s release, publisher Enhance announced that the game will receive several new game modes, some new VR features and more in an upcoming update next week.

PS VR2 specific features for Tetris Effect Connected will arrive in an update on 22 February 2023. Additionally, the game will add a bunch of new game modes for players to try out and test their Tetris skills. New endless modes will be added to popular game modes like Purify and Master mode. A single-player time version of Classic Score Attack will also be added alongside Zone Marathon, a version of Marathon mode with the Zone mechanic.

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The following modes will be added to Tetris Effect Connected in the new update:

  • Classic Score Attack – A single-player version is now available in Effect Modes (NTSC/PAL Game Speed included).
  • Zone Marathon – A version of Marathon Mode with the Zone mechanic.
  • Purify Mode – Endless is now an option in Purify Mode.
  • Master Mode – Endless is now an option in Master Mode.

Enhance also confirmed that the PS5 and PS VR2 version of the game will come with some new features.

Tetris Effect first launched in 2018 as a reimagining of classic Tetris. Using rhythm-based gameplay to the tune of some fantastic music and psychedelic visuals, Tetris Effect quickly became one of the best iterations of the iconic video game. An expanded edition, Tetris Effect Connected, launched sometime later on more platforms after enjoying timed exclusivity on PlayStation 4.

Playing Tetris Effect in VR is a phenomenal experience that players should try at least once, even if they aren’t into Tetris. The simple nature of the gameplay combined with the awesome visuals and unique soundtrack will surely captivate the attention of many players.

Have a look at all the new features coming to Tetris Effect Connected below.

Source: Enhance

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