Tetris Effect Unlocks Secret Retro Levels to Celebrate Tetris Movie

To celebrate the release of the Tetris movie, developer Enhance has unlocked two previously locked levels of Tetris Effect Connected on consoles and PC. The levels are retro-themed and inspired by classic Tetris layouts so you’re feeling nostalgic, you might want to give these stages a go.

The Tetris movie is currently available on AppleTV+ and tells the origins story of the creation of Tetris during the early years of video games. Kingsman actor Taron Egerton plays Henk Rogers, a businessman who saw the potential of Tetris from creator Alexey Pajitnov. The two men join forces in the USSR and decide to risk it all to bring the game to the world. The movie has received mostly positive reviews so far with critics and fans praising the performances and direction.

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With the Tetris movie now available to watch, Tetris Effect Connected has opened two new levels that were previously locked in an update. The retro-themed 1984 and 1989 levels draw inspiration from Tetris‘ early designs including block textures in all its 8-bit glory.

Tetris Effect originally released in 2018 as a PlayStation exclusive before finding its way to other platforms via the more robust version, Tetris Effect Connected. It’s considered one of the best iterations of the legendary video game thanks to its dazzling visuals, excellent soundtrack and rhythm-based gameplay that encouraged players to experience a familiar game in an entirely new dimension.

Tetris Effect Connected would eventually receive ports for PlayStation VR and an update is currently available for PS5 and PS VR2, allowing players to play the game while surrounded in a virtual reality space by its trippy visuals that transports you around the globe and into space itself. Talk about psychedelic nostalgia.

If you want to play the retro levels in Tetris Effect, they’re free right now and can be accessed quickly from the main menu.

Source: PlayStation Universe

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