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The Arena Battleground Episode 7: Tekken 7 Tournament Welcomes All

The Arena Battleground, created by the founders of The Magic Pixel, is a bi-weekly space for players and enthusiasts of fighting games – namely Tekken and Street Fighter – to gather and compete in intense tournaments and battles against fellow locals. It’s a space open to all players looking to sharpen their skills in fighters as well as newcomers who simply want to participate in entertaining casual matches. Episode 7 of The Arena Battleground took place a couple of weeks ago, igniting a pretty exciting Tekken 7 tournament.

20 players in total took part in the Tekken 7 tournament but only one came out victorious in the end. There was plenty of hype, new skills shown off and plenty of blood shed (in gameplay, of course). New faces from the Mortal Kombat community also participated in this entry, as well as familiar faces that have blazed a trail in the local fighting game community such as Daxpt. However, some impressive skills were shown off from Bobby Emperor, taking out some heavy-hitters along the bracket but sadly losing to Rhizon in one of the hypest matches of the event.

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Old faces such as White-Hornet made a comeback in a big way here too, taking out Tekken 7 veteran Daxpt and knocking him into the losers bracket, which Daxpt had to fight out of to claim his spot in the grand finals. As they say, there can be only one and an intense grand final between White-Hornet and Daxpt saw the latter emerge with the big win of the night.

Check out the videos below for some of the highlights of the Tekken 7 tournament:

Hypest Match – Bobby Emperor vs Rhizon

Grand Finals – White-Hornet vs BVD | Daxpt

Full TAB Tekken 7 Tournament

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