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The Batman is Reportedly Nearly Three Hours Long

Matt Reeves’s upcoming The Batman is reportedly nearly three hours long, at least according to some early screening reactions. Apart from the unusually long run time, other reports have come out praising Pattinson as Batman, with Paul Dano’s villain The Riddler being described as a type of “Jigsaw figure”, making it more of a detective noir story.

As reported by Twitter account Lights, Camera, Pod, it looks like some lucky viewers got to watch early screenings of The Batman a full six months ahead of its worldwide release in March 2022.

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According to reactions for the screenings, the film is nearly three hours long, surpassing The Dark Knight Rises‘ formidable 165-minute length and making it one of the longest superhero films in recent memory (Zack Snyder’s Justice League notwithstanding). However, Warner Bros. is apparently pushing Reeves to trim down the length, so it’s possible that another cut will happen in the coming months to shorten its length.

Other interesting details about The Batman note that its tone is akin to a detective noir story, with Batman hunting down The Riddler who appears in Gotham as a kind of “Jigsaw figure”, referring to the popular horror icon from the Saw franchise. Coincidentally, Jigsaw was heavily inspired by The Riddler, preferring to use mind games and psychological tactics to antagonize people as opposed to being in direct contact.

Seeing as how we’re still half a year away from the release of The Batman, it’s possible that the final cut of the film will hit theatres with a shorter run time. It hasn’t been confirmed by Warner Bros. either that this is the case, so we recommend taking it with a pinch of salt for now.

The Batman will take place in its own disconnected universe to the DCEU, and will cast Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader. Paul Dano will portray The Riddler, while Zoe Kravitz will play Selena Kyle/Catwoman. Colin Farrell will play another well-known Batman villain, The Penguin, with the Court of Owls also heavily rumoured to be involved (or possibly teased for its sequel). Whatever is in store for us, we’ll have to wait until 4 March 2022 when The Batman arrives exclusively in cinemas. A new trailer is expected to drop at the upcoming DC FanDome event this weekend.

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Source: Lights, Camera, Prod

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