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The Boys Creator Criticises Marvel’s Spin-Offs, Calls It ‘Homework’

The Boys creator Eric Kripke has criticised Marvel Studios for its many spin-offs, TV shows and movies that require viewers to watch and know all the stories. Kripke says he’s weary about making too many spin-offs of The Boys following the release of Gen V, though he’s positive that The Boys: Mexico might still happen too.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview, Eric Kripke revealed that The Boys: Mexico, a spin-off of The Boys which will be set in Mexico and feature a new cast of characters, is still “a while away” from getting made as the team is still in the process of putting together a deal with the show’s writer for a pilot episode. “He has an amazing pitch, and we all giggle and think about how fun it would be. But there are a lot of hurdles for that show before it’s a real show,” said Kripke.

Reflecting on the idea of having too many spin-offs for viewers to follow, Kripke stated that Marvel “hurt” itself by having too many spin-offs that required fans to know all the stories before watching new content. Speaking about The Boys: Mexico, he stated:

“I really don’t want people to feel they have to watch one [show] to understand the other. I never want it to feel like homework or mandatory viewing. I think that’s hurt Marvel in a certain amount of ways, and I don’t want to do that. I want you to watch both shows. It certainly expands your enjoyment and experience of both shows because you understand some of the backstory of where things came from, but by no means do you have to.”

Marvel Studios is taking the necessary steps to course-correct a big issue brought about over the last few years from simply having too many movies and TV shows to keep up with. The company is now reducing its output of annual projects while also rebranding its TV shows so that they won’t be required viewing anymore.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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