South African Internet Could Be Fixed Next Week as Cable Vessel Departs for Repairs

In some good news Fridays, the cable vessel has left the Cape Town harbour and is now currently en-route to Angola where it will stop to make repairs to the damaged underwater cable causing havoc on South African internet users. On Monday we reported that the ship was stuck at the Cape Town harbour due to crazy wind speeds making it impossible for it to leave port. This unfortunate weather greatly affected the ETA of the repairs but there’s light at the end of the tunnel now.

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REN Alerts tweeted out three updates in the past few days on the vessel’s current progress. It is not very exciting as the ship is sailing at an average of 13km/h. So if you have this image of a ship speeding through the ocean with a load of crew members cheering and drinking grog then you have it all wrong.

The vessel will only make its arrival next week on 28 January 2020 so there is still some time before the crew members begin making repairs. We can only hope that the South African internet issues are fixed by the first week of February and it seems that will be the case if everything goes to plan.

The problems began a few weeks ago when an undersea cable broke off the coast of Congo. The cable helps serve internet to the masses in SA and affected social media platforms and online gaming lobbies. South African ISPs have made alternative plans to help redirect some traffic but users are still facing some unfortunate connectivity issues. We will keep you updated on the South African internet repairs as we learn more. In the meantime, follow REN Alerts for more.

Want to see just how bad the wind was in Cape Town?

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