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The Callisto Protocol Collector’s Edition Revealed

Striking Distance’s upcoming horror experience, The Callisto Protocol, will receive a Collector’s Edition when it launches. Sadly, the Collector’s Edition will be a GameStop exclusive item, meaning the chances of us South Africans getting a crack at one will be nigh-impossible.

The Callisto Protocol’s Collector’s Edition will also only be available for PlayStation and Xbox so PC players are regrettably left out as well. The Collector’s Edition will set you back $259.99 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, or $249.99 for previous-gen consoles.

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The Collector’s Edition will come bundled with the below, as well as the actual game on launch:

  • SteelBook collector’s case
  • Collectible pins
  • A statue of protagonist Jacob Lee fighting off a Biophage
  • The Callisto Protocol comic #0 Edition
  • Day One Edition Retro Prisoner skins
  • The Digital Content Season Pass

The Callisto Protocol Collector's edition

The Callisto Protocol is the latest title from Glenn Schofield, the venerated creator behind another survival horror series – Dead Space. Due to the link with Krafton – who publishes PUBG – and Striking Distance (owned by Krafton), The Callisto Protocol was originally meant to be set within the PUBG universe. However, Schofield recently stated that this is no longer the case, as the title has cut ties with the PUBG universe and will feature its own story entirely.

The Callisto Protocol will see players put into the shoes of Jacob Lee within a maximum-security prison system on Jupiter’s Moon, Callisto. In true Dead Space fashion, the complex becomes overrun with monstrous creatures known as Biophages, which Jacob must then battle to stay alive.

We were treated to some new gameplay footage at The Summer Games festival recently, where we got a good look at what we can expect from the upcoming title. The footage showcased combat, environments and abilities that will be at our disposal to fight off the Biophage monstrosities.

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