The Callisto Protocol Trophy List All Deaths

The Callisto Protocol Full Trophy List Revealed

The full trophy list for The Callisto Protocol, the upcoming survival horror game from Striking Distance Studios, has appeared on PSN servers ahead of release. However, there’s been one notable exclusion from the list: the all deaths trophy. This trophy was initially announced back in August and rewards players for getting every possible death in the game. It has now been removed because of the divisive reception it garnered from players.

The full trophy list for The Callisto Protocol contains 27 trophies. Thankfully, there aren’t any major spoilers in the trophy descriptions so you can proceed without worry but turn away if you’re the type that doesn’t want anything spoiled. The trophy for achieving every possible death in the game has been removed as some players felt it encouraged exploring everything that the game had to offer, while others stated that they were actively trying to avoid dying, you know, in a survival horror game.

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Check out the full trophy list for The Callisto Protocol below:

Platinum Trophies

  • It’s Over, Jacob! – Collect all trophies

Gold Trophies

  • I Do Belong Here – Beat the game on any difficulty
  • You Need a Gun – Fully Upgrade One Weapon
  • The Protocol is About Life – Beat the game on Maximum Security difficulty
  • Grim Reaper – Harvest and read all implant bios
  • The Commonality – Uncover the mystery of Kallipolis
  • Two Heads are Better Than One – Take down the two-head
  • In Striking Distance – Kill an enemy via GRP and a melee combo

Silver Trophies

  • Get a Grip – Grab twenty-five enemies with the GRP
  • Terminated – Take down a security robot
  • Paper Jams – Print a weapon for the first time
  • Reforge – Print a weapon upgrade
  • Giving Back – Stab five blind enemies in the back
  • Float Like a Butterfly – Perfect dodge five times
  • Flesh Wound – Use melee or ranged weapons to take both arms off a living enemy
  • Chew ‘Em Up – Kill ten enemies with environmental hazards
  • Workplace Hazard – Use GRP to kill an enemy by throwing them into an environmental hazard

Bronze Trophies

  • Mugshot – Take a photo using photo mode
  • The Outer Way – Find the Outer Way boarding craft
  • Desperate Times – Elias gives Jacob a shiv
  • If the SHU Fits… – Activate the SHU
  • Without a Paddle – Survive the pipeslide
  • Crash Site – Return to the crashed ship
  • In the Pipe, Five By Five – Reach the Hangar flight deck
  • Power Up – Restore power to the old facility
  • What Lies Beneath – Find the source
  • Full Circle – Get thrown back into original cell

The Callisto Protocol releases on 2 December 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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