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The Callisto Protocol Has a Trophy for Getting Every Possible Death

The Callisto Protocol is an upcoming survival horror game from Striking Distance Studios formed by the co-creator of Dead Space, Glen Schofield. The game bears a striking resemblance to Dead Space, unsurprisingly, though it will seemingly feature a lot more brutal ways to die. In fact, players will get rewarded with a trophy if they manage to get every possible death in the game.

Ahead of its release this December, The Callisto Protocol has been making the rounds at gaming events such as Gamescom and Summer Game Fest. The tense survival horror will put players in the shoes of a prisoner named Jacob Lee, who finds himself in the midst of an alien invasion when his prison colony, Black Iron, is infiltrated by an extra-terrestrial threat on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto.

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In a recent interview with IGN Japan, Striking Distance CTO Mark James revealed that players will be able to get a trophy for dying every possible way:

“We’re working on our achievements and trophies at the moment, and we actually have an achievement in there for seeing all of the deaths. You are gonna die in our game. A lot of people ask how long the game is, and it’s like, how many times are you going to die? Also, the variables are huge in the way they attack you or you attack them, so you might actually die more or less. Even things like backing into a fan, it’s a mistake and it will result in a death, you’ll have to do that section again.”

We’ve already seen a few of these gory deaths in previous gameplay trailers, but there’s much more that awaits us in the final product. A trophy like this has been done before, namely in interactive horror games like Until Dawn or The Dark Pictures Anthology where the objective, most of the time, is to keep your characters alive. However, players are also rewarded for seeing all of their characters’ demises.

The Callisto Protocol releases on 2 December 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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Source: IGN

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