The Callisto Protocol 12-14 Hours Long Alternate Routes

The Callisto Protocol Issues Caused by “The Wrong File Being Patched”

The Callisto Protocol has had a rough launch. The game was released on Friday last week and has since been through the wringer due to the horrible performance issues found across all platforms. Sadly, PC players have had it the worst as the game is in a somewhat unplayable state due to the various stability problems. At the moment, the Steam reviews are sitting on “mixed” with most complaints mentioning how awful the game runs on PC.

Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen Schofield claims that the issues in The Callisto Protocol aren’t as drastic as they seem. In fact, he says the problems come down to one mistake made by the developer where they patched the wrong file…

Schofield was responding to some complaints on Twitter where he admitted that the various stuttering problems come from someone rushing to get stuff done and they mistakenly patched the incorrect file.

Now if you remember back to October when Glen Schofield was called out for his comments regarding workplace crunch. The CEO tweeted that the staff working on The Callisto Protocol were all working overtime and were exhausted and tired. He claimed that even though the staff were working through lunch and dinner, they loved doing so.

Schofield then apologised for the tweet and glorifying the crunch practices which are highly frowned upon in the industry. So this excuse of a “rushed” patch job doesn’t bode well with his reputation. Gamers have also lashed back at Schofield on Twitter demanding the studio fix the issues with the game as soon as possible. Some have also demanded refunds for the game.

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Schofield has stated that he won’t take a vacation until the game is fixed. However, this likely means the studio won’t be taking a break until it is fixed. I doubt Glen Schofield is sitting at his PC coding and fixing issues in The Callisto Protocol.

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