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Ubisoft could have created one of the best racing hybrids I have ever played. This past week at E3 I got to sit down and play the latest in the Crew series and I could not believe what an improvement it was over the original game.

The demo started out with a hint so inspiration from the Forza Horizon series as I raced across New York City in a Mustang. Not knowing much about the Crew 2 until now, I was completely blown away when I realised that Ubisoft has now built three different racing experiences into one game. The Crew 2 goes from the ground to the water, and then to the sky. The most amazing part of it all is its seamless transition between the two. You will see in the gameplay video below how quickly I am able to change between driving a car, flying a plane, and sailing a boat over a lake. I could then combo it all together to seamlessly do all three one after another.

Instantly changing from a plane over water would land me on the lake and let me speed around there for a while. I could then find a ramp and shoot myself into the air and do it again, but this time change to a car, landing perfectly on the road. Later on in the gameplay below you will also see how well the multiplayer works as we all entered a lobby created by someone and raced each other to the end. We did this in an off-road buggy, and then in a small speedboat as we sped through the swamps of outer New York.

Ubisoft has confirmed that you can also open up your world to other friends and online players so you can team up and play the entire game together or just mess around with the three vehicle types. You will also get points for everything you do and if you throw in some co-op into the mix it gets even better. The demo was limited to its vehicles and what I am allowed to show you, but I can tell you that all vehicle types are fully customizable with skins, mods and more.

If you love the classic Need for Speed type gameplay mechanics then you will love the Crew 2. It also manages to bring to life a great arcade-styled setting with a unique visual engine that brings the world to life like never before. The game is utterly gorgeous, and given that it is set across the USA, you will have so much to see and do.

One thing is for sure, Ubisoft is working extremely hard to bring a new world to life, improve on everything great from the original, and even fix the mechanics that needed a few tweaks.

Take a look at 20 minutes of gameplay below as I mess around in the large city in a car, a boat, and even soar through the skies in an aeroplane.

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