The CS: GO FACEIT London Major Champions Stage kicks off Later Today
London Major Champions Stage
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It’s been a wild ride for CS: GO fans but now, the FACEIT London Major Champions Stage is finally set to begin. Eight teams remain after a gruelling Challengers and Legends stage. At 16:15 South African time, the first match of the Champions Stage is set to begin with Na’Vi facing off against BIG in what is sure to be an exciting match. I, for one, simply can’t wait for the final stage of the tournament to take place and find out which team lifts the trophy on Saturday, 23 September.

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London Major Champions Stage details

The FACEIT London Major is the biggest esports tournament in the UK to date and the London Major Champions Stage will take place at the awesome Wembley Arena where the top eight teams will duke it out. CS: GO has always been my absolute favourite when it comes to spectator esports and I urge every esports fan to watch the final stage of this amazing tournament unfold.

Check out the London Major Champions Stage bracket below:

London Major Champions Stage Bracket

In the Legends stage, both Team Liquid and Complexity managed to finish with dominating 3-0 records, while Astralis, BIG and Na’Vi went 3-1. Faze, Hellraisers and MIBR scraped by with 3-2 records but now, the slate is clean once again moving into the Challengers Stage.

For those planning on watching the tournament, you can do so on Sky Sports, or, so don’t miss out. Alternatively, you can also catch the matches in-game. Don’t forget to make your Playoff picks in the Pick’Em Challenge before the matches get underway today.

Which team do you think will claim the CS: GO London Major trophy and will you be watching the matches unfold live? Let us know in the comment section below.







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